Eco-friendly compressed air for on the go

All clear for low emission zones! Kaeser Kompressoren is proud to introduce several new portable compressors featuring advanced exhaust gas treatment technology that ensure a dependable, efficient and cost-effective source of quality compressed air.

The new, towable compressed air powerhouses, the Mobilair M 114 , M 115, M 130 and M 171, not only impress with their outstanding performance but also with their many extras. Covering a pressure range from 7 to 14 bar with free air deliveries from 7.5 to 17 m³, all models are welcome in any low emission zone, since they are equipped as standard with either a diesel particulate filter or an oxidation catalytic converter. The diesel particulate filter meets even the most stringent requirements of the Swiss Clean Air Act.

As to which model is the most suitable depends on customer requirement and the intended use. No matter whether for sandblasting, cable blowing, demolition work or countless other applications, Mobilair portable compressors have all of your needs covered. With a rated motor power of 85 kW, the 10 m³-class M 114 and M 115 models are especially versatile, whilst the M 171 is the ideal choice for applications requiring immediate raw power and larger volumes of compressed air (129 kW, 6-cylinder Deutz engine, four pressure levels from 8.6 to 14 bar and free air deliveries up to 17 m³/min at 8.6 bar).

The M 130 (10 to 14 bar with free air delivery from 9.4 to 12 m³/min) really stands out, as it’s the only towable portable compressor in this size range that can be equipped with a powerful 23 kVA generator and is capable of delivering both direct and alternating current. The generator delivers voltage and frequency data to the compressor control system to ensure that the maximum possible volume of compressed air is available relative to actual electrical energy consumption.

In addition to chassis-mounted models with a run-on brake and height-adjustable or fixed tow-bar, stationary versions are also available. Furthermore, Mobilair portable compressors can be equipped with optimised compressed air treatment components (aftercoolers, centrifugal separators etc.) as required.

The Mobilair M 130 is the only towable portable compressor in its size range that can be equipped with a generat