Rice market in guyanaAccording to news network the government of Guyana is exploring newer markets after Venezuela decided to discontinue the PetroCaribe deal with the neighboring nation. As per report released by the Agriculture Ministry it indicates that the nation is negotiating with the governments of Mexico, Haiti and the Bahamas in this regard. The Subject Minister has observed that Bahamas and Haiti have expressed interest in buying Guyana rice. Further, it has also been reported that currently Guyana sells rice to nearly 50 countries across the world.

According to the statement issued by the Minister indicates that the government has successfully secured an extended deal with Panama to supply 7,200 tons per month. Under the earlier deal, Guyana was required to export 4,000 tons per month to Panama. However, the Guyana aims to produce about 618,000 tons of milled rice and toshanti rice export around 521,000 tons in 2015. As per data issued by the Agriculture Ministry, it indicates that the Guyana has also exported around 501,208 tons of rice in 2014, which is up about 27% from around 394,000 tons exported in 2013.