Rice 6As per local information available, the NGO Foodwatch, an independent, non-profit research and analysis organization based in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam is urging the European Commission (EC) to frame new legislation on food packaging to reduce risk from packaging materials to consumer health. In view of the research conducted on 120 products purchased in Dutch, German and French stores, Foodwatch found that about 43% of the products were containing aromatic hydrocarbons from mineral oils (moah). While, the Moah are considered to be carcinogenic in nature and are likely to damage the DNA structures in humans being.

Further, it has also been stated that the organization observed that the contamination was mostly found in products such as pasta, rice, cereals and chocolate and the contamination has been found due to the usage of recycled packaged paper. It has been noted that the packaging made from recycled paper is an important source of this contamination and these packages often contain mineral oils from the printing inks which are coming from old newspapers. In addition, they often also contain numerous other hazardous substances that may enter via the packaging in various food items.

In view of these types of contamination in foods, thus, the Foodwatch appealed to the EC to propose legislation on so-called ‘functional barrier’ required for foodshanti rice packaging made from paper or cardboard. Further, it was also suggested that the legislation should specify the maximum limits for the presence of mineral oils and other harmful substances. The organization has initiated an e-mail campaign in this regard.