italian parliamentAs per the sources, it has been stated by local sources that the Italian Parliament has approved the institution of a ‘National System of Agricultural Biodiversity and Food’ on November 30, 2015. It has also approved for the institution of a Protection Fund to support the actions of farmers.

Furthermore, the Council for Agricultural Research and analysis of the agrarian economy (CREA) will intervene in the research activities related to agricultural biodiversity and food over the next three years to protect and develop the agricultural sector.

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The Italian Farmers Union Coldiretti said, “The recognition of our typical and traditional products related to agriculture Italian territory becomes a real investment in competitiveness” and Farmers unions have welcomed this decision. It is expected to protect the locally developed rice varieties. Italy currently has 4,886 traditional foods developed in local regions, including 272 food varieties are Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) specialties. Of these, Riso di Baraggia biellese e vercellese PDO, Vialone Nano PGI, Riso delta Del Po PGI are famous rice varieties.

Further the PDO and GPI denominations allow to certify high quality standard in rice farming and milling, thus permitting to get a higher final price. Rice produced in many other regions also get PDO and PGI denominations in new law.