rice 1As per the sources, it has been reported that the Crop Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) has developed a new high yielding and drought resistant rice variety, called AGRA, as part of its efforts to increase crop yields and boost production. It has been described by Municipal Development Officer at the Department of Agriculture that this new variety will help the farmers to increase their production because of its high yield. He also said that this variety is particularly resistant to the “rice black” disease. It has also been stated that the new variety tastes better than the regular varieties and will help raise the farmer’s standard of living.

Further, in this regards, Crop Services Directorate narrated that Ghana imports over a half of its annual rice consumption demand and the government is planning to increase rice production by about 20% per annum over the next four years to make Ghana self-sufficient in rice. Ghana produced around 235,000 tons and imported around 417,000 tons of rice in 2014 to meet a consumption demand of around 750,000 tons.

According to the data from USDA it has been reported that Ghana’s rice production is estimated at about 300,000 tons (milledShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. basis) in MY 2015-16 (October – September). The U.S. agency expects Ghana to import 550,000 tons of rice in 2015 to meet consumption needs of around 930,000 tons.