Three new varieties have been developed by the  Nepal agricultural research  scientists These rice seeds are flood or drought resistant. According to Nepal agricultural research  Nepal accounts about 20% of countries Agri gross domestic product .scientists have developed new seeds by using iris breeding method in this method specific genes are incorporated into new varieties. These seeds were tested for three years in lab in Philippines. Seeds have to be certified by the countries seed quality control centre under ministry of Agri development. When seeds are certified they will be distributed to farmers by Agri agencies. These seeds will be introduced when rice production in Asian countries will be affected by drought. Community seed banks in Nepal also help farmers to preserve seed varieties and also cope with climate changes. Nepal is expected to import 250000 tons of rice in 2013-2014 head of Nepal program said the yield from new varieties is between two to four tons per hectares. With the introduction of these seeds the Nepal saves his rice from natural disasters and save farmers from huge losses.usda expected that Nepal agricultural research  produce 3.3 million tons of rice 2013-2014. These seeds are also tested in lowland areas of Nepal.