rice areaAccording to the sources, it has been reported by the National Federation of Rice Cooperatives (FENCA) that involvement of drought in rice acreage nationwide was approximately 25,000 hectares this year, ie 25% less in the planting area as compared to last year. This is due to the drought of the past few months in the fields, in addition to the low prices are discouraging the producers too.

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Further, in this matter, Mr Ana Isabel Ortiz, Vice President of FENCA, revealed that in this campaign the 100,000 hectares of which is expected to produce more than 300,000 tons of rice husk which added to the stockpiled rice will cover the domestic market was not exceeded. It was also narrated that the most affected area with yields below three tons per hectare is the north, where the yield was 3.5 tons only. In addition, there is a high risk that the producers not to plant rice in the new campaign. Meanwhile, even many rice farmers are migrating to crops such as soybeans or renting their land for growing rice is becoming very complicated, as it was stated by Mr Ortiz.