Rice trading at Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre in Yangon. Myanmar will try to improve its rice-export capacity by producing rice of different kinds from different zones, said Union Minister for Commerce Dr Than Myint. Despite a continued increase in rice export, Myanmar is far behind its neighboring Thailand, which can export 10 million tonnes yearly. The minister stressed the need to take systematic measures to produce rice in kind by launching different zones and markets. As rice is a strategic good, measures are being taken to export rice under a government-to- government system.

Moreover, discussions will be made with relevant departments to prevent malpractice and irregularities in the local market and to ensure a strong and sustainable market. The minister warned that if major export items such as rice, beans and peas depend on a single market, there could be great impact on the country’s export sector. Most items such as rice, beans, peas and fruit have to be exported as raw materials. It is therefore necessary to export value-added and quality products so as to extend export market, according to the ministry.