The Pyinmana township in Myanmar is old traditional rice farming methods to save the extra cost required for the modern methods for transplantation and also to provide the employment opportunity to the farmers over there.

Out of the 7,447 acres of total field for the rice production , only a fraction of  total 273 acres are grown with the  modern technologies and rest with the old traditional rice farming methods.

According to  Ministry of Agriculture  and  Irrigation Department, the transplantation is beneficial in both case of cost and wastage. The farmers are  preferring direct planting methods which cost K150,000 while transplanting method cost K200,000.

Although farmers prefer transplantation as it is increasing the  yield but it cost K30,000 to K50,000 more per acre to use transplanting methods.

Nay Pyi Taw, country’s capital  is having shortage of  labors so it is difficult to find the skilled labour and  also expensive to find the labours who can transplant the rice from nursery rather than seed the paddies directly.

But since the transplantation yields more benefits than direct planting so government is emphasizing on the use of transplantation to become the leading rice exporter of the country.