A man works in a rice field near the Thilawa economic zone outside YangonAccording to the local news from reliable sources that it has been revealed that the officials of the Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) are urging the government to prepare rice reserves in anticipation of drought conditions in the country. In this regard, the Vice-Chairman of the MRF noted that due to likely extended dry conditions and water shortages, it is being  expected that it may likely that there  may be  a shortages in rice and  an increase in prices in this year. Further, since, the country’s annual paddy harvest runs from around June-July until September-October, so the government should consider storing rice between April and May, as it was informed.

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Furthermore, the weather specialists are reportedly forecasting dry weather conditions during the first six months of this year. They are predicting temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius in the major rice-growing regions, including Magwe, Pegu and Irrawaddy divisions. Meanwhile, one of the former weather forecasters in the country has also warned that the country needs to prepare for some of the highest temperatures yet this summer. It has also been indicated from the local sources that the government may start procuring rice for reserves. It has been noted that the Ministry of Commerce had prepared over 40 warehouses for the storage of rice in Rangoon, Mandalay and Irrawaddy divisions, as well as Arakan State.