output_wRRiQdMyanmar has exported around 1.7 million tons of rice in the FY 2014-15 which is 40% above the last Fiscal year’s export of 1.2 million tons, says the data of commerce ministry.

China was the major market for Myanmar. Myanmar has exported more than 1.1 million tons of rice and most of the export was through northern border. Not only China, but about 64 countries in ASEAN, Europe and Africa continent imported rice from Myanmar.

Myanmar has been trying to make the rice trade with China legalize for a long time and early this FY, representative from both the countries met to discuss about legalizing the Myanmar’s rice export. According to Myanmar Farmer Association, chairman and Joint Secretary of the Myanmar Rice Federation, China has agreed to import 1 million tons of rice from Myanmar and will legalize the rice trade from this may.

The Myanmar government wanted to raise the Export volume to around 3 million tons in coming few years and has prioritized rice in their National Export Strategy.

For MY2014-15, USDA has estimated for Myanmar to produce 18.98 million tons of paddy rice and export around 1.6 million tons

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