The Rice Export in Myanmar has increased by 41% for this fiscal year according to the latest figures from the commerce ministry. The data shows that the country has exported  US$196 million worth  between April 1 and August 15. 

Myanmar has exported around $196 million worth of rice in April 1 -August 15, 2014, up by 41% from around $139 million worth exported during the same period in last fiscal year (April – March),2013.

Sources from Commerce Ministry told the local sources that this increase in the export is due to increase in demand for steamed rice from Russia.

 Commerce Ministry official said that many shipments carrying steamed rice to Russia. There are also shipments to Europe as the GSP [generalized scheme of preferences] duty and quota free access has been offered.

However,Myanmar’s rice export to China have suffered since the beginning of this fiscal year due to a ban in official rice export through Muse border by Chinese officials.On 1st august the Chinese official seized  rice imported from Myanmar in Ruili Township

To resolve this authorities from both countries are  discussing about  a new trade agreement that will allow hassle-free exports between the two countries.

 The Rice Export in Myanmar rose to 1.33 million tonnes worth $528 million in FY 2012-13, but dropped to 1 million tonnes last fiscal with a value of only $380 million.