According to the, shanti-Agro-AdYe Min Aung, the country exports rice mainly to China and various African countries. “Chinese and African markets are major. We also export to the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. We can’t rely on one or two markets. But 50 per cent of the exported rice goes to China,”he verified. The country’s rice is being exported to 54 countries with Australia, Colombia, Guinea, Israel, the US and Vietnam among 22 new markets. Broken rice is exported to 33 countries, including Afghanistan, Botswana, Canada, Germany, Greece and Malaysia.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce reported that more than 900,000 Metric Tonnes (MT) of rice and broken rice were exported between April and the end of December last year. About 60,000 MT of rice were exported to various African nations each month. Rice exports to China decreased due to November clashes between the military and ethnic armed groups in Muse. Therefore, the government planned to export rice to other foreign markets by sea.