Muyang Grain Drying Unit had been particularly busy in the second quarter to supply equipment and facilities for the grain securing sectors in China.In May, the Unit was awarded the contract to build a total drying capacity of 2,800 tons per day for the eight grain depots of the state-owned China Grain Reserves Corporation (Sino grain) in Northeastern Province of Jilin, Eastern Province of Anhui and Southern Province of Fujian. Muyang’s supply includes four continuous drying towers (2×500 ton/ day + 2×300 ton/day) and four low temperature circulating drying towers (2×400 ton/day + 2×200 ton/day).
Before the deal with Sino grain, the company had signed an agreement with two local grain bureaus of China State Administration of Grain to supply grain drying facilities for six grain depots in Eastern China. In addition, it reported the supply of a full set of equipment from grain unloading to cleaning, handling, drying and storage silos for a subsidiary of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in the Northwest of China during the reporting period.