As per recent report, it has been indicated that Mumbai-based Indofil Industries Limited (IIL) launched a rice herbicide Zechor developed by LG Life Sciences on Friday .On this occasion, IIL Chief Operating Officer Mr R.C. Bishnoi informed that the new product was a urea-based selective rice herbicide and it is a patented herbicide which does not cause any phyto-toxicity when used in recommended dosages. Further, in this matter, it was also narrated that the company has plans to expand its rice portfolio by offering a wide range of new products over the next five years.

In this investigation of herbicide, the LG Life Sciences Team leader Seong Kim explained that Zechor was a valuable addition to IIL’s range of products and it has been successfully tested in other overseas markets too. Further, the IIL Senior General Manager T. Narayana Reddy revealed that that some unscrupulous products in the herbicide and fungicides category in Andhra Pradesh market were earning nearly Rs.500 crore every year for the firms floated by fly-by-night operators. Thus, it was emphasized that there is an urgent need for the government to crack the whip against such companies in the interest of farmers. During the herbicide launching ceremony, IIL Vice-President N.K. Sanga Reddy and LG Life Sciences Senior Export Manager J.N. Lee were present.