17,000 tonnes of rice was distributed to about one million poor people in VietnamAccording to the recent information it has been reported by the General Department of State Reserves that it is more than 17,000 tonnes of rice which was distributed to more than 1 million poor people across the country during Lunar New Year (Tet). The department  also revealed the value of the support at a press conference to announce the work of distributing reserved rice to people in need during Tet and to areas suffering from food shortage this year. Further, in this regard the Deputy Head of the GDSR Mr Le Van Thoi informed that the support was undertaken in response to requests from authorities of 17 provinces nationwide which asked the Government to provide over 17, 000 tonnes of rice from the nation’s storage for 1,145,182 people each in need of 15kg per month.

Under this policy, it has been narrated that on 4th February, the department’s local chapters completed the allocation of rice ensuring both quality and quantity in accordance with the requests. Regarding the policy it was also decided to provide rice for students in disadvantaged areas and Mr Thoi told that each student would also receive 15 kg of rice per month for a maximum of nine months per academic year. So, in the first term of 2015-2016 academic years, about 540,000 students from 48 provinces and cities nationwide were also provided with rice.

Furthermore, with regard to this policy Mr Thoi also revealed that the GDSR has received a decision from the Ministry of Finance to distribute anShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. additional of nearly 33,000 tonnes of rice for those students in their second semester. It was also affirmed that the policy contributes in helping students from disadvantaged and ethnic minority areas to continue their studies uninterrupted.