Bangladesh Rice MillsAs per recent reports, it has been indicated that over 100 rice mills have been closed in Naogaon district due to heavy losses, pushing nearly 1,500 male and female labourers towards unemployment. The families of the workers are in deep trouble financially. In this regards, it has been observed that adoption of auto rice mills, Open Market Sale (OMS) of rice, importing rice from neighbouring India and falling prices of locally produced rice are some of the key reasons for the deteriorating financial condition of rice mills in the Upazila, as per sources. Further, the mill owners revealed that as the rice sale have fallen sharply in the last several months; they had to count a loss of Tk 100 to 160 per maund.

Furthermore, it has also been stated by the officials of Upazila Food Department that around 10 to 15 rice mills started functioning in Upazila's Kujail Bazar, Ataikula, Harishpur, Betgari, Trimohani, Kubratali, Krishnapur and Abadpukur areas in early 1990. However, now the number of those rice mills stands at 134. Further, it has been revealed that nearly 110 rice mills in the upazila have faced shutdown for the slump in sales of local rice varieties. Moreover, production at rest of the rice mills has also been lessened, as it has been told. Further, in this matter, the General secretary of Raninagar Rice Mills Association Shitanath Ghosh described that the situation would be Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.changed if the government started purchasing rice from the millers at reasonable price at the earliest possible.