BIEL LogoDear Audience, We know with us have Mr Mohit Gupta, Director Bharat Industrial Enterprises Limited. Bharat Industrial  Enterprises Limited, based in Karnal, Haryana, India, are the manufacturer, exporter, trader and supplier of Basmati and other rice products. Some of the products include Long Grain Parboiled Rice, Enriched Parboiled Long Grain Rice, Long Grain Rice, Brown Rice, White Rice and Short Grain Rice. With extensive knowledge of market functionality, and rich experience, BIEL have been able to carry vast work activities in a hassle-free way. Working on ethical grounds, the sole goal of the company is to serve clients in an economical and transparent way. This is how, BIEL have grown by leaps and bounds to a dominant organization.

Couple of Questions asked to Mr Mohit Gupta.

Riceoutlook: To start with, we would like you to first of all introduce yourself and your company “Bharat Industrial Enterprises Limited” to our audience.

Mr Gupta: I am Mohit Gupta age 29 and director of Bharat Industrial Enterprises Ltd.  I have done my master from Bournemouth University, England in International business strategies.


I joiMohit Guptan rice industry due to 2 reasons first is it’s my family business and secondly and importantly is because I see huge growth in food processing industry as world population is increasing daily so as demand for food and specially for rice which is already consumed by almost 70% of world population.  Being born in karnal, Haryana place which is called rice bowl of the country I see lot accessibility and potential in rice industry I decided to join it.

I am traveler and I general like visiting places for holidays to relax me and to recharge me for my coming challenges.

BIEL is majorly into exports of all varieties of basmati and non basmati rice since 1989 and company is doing business In almost all rice importing countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UK, Canada, Dubai, Oman, Quarter, South Africa, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Singapore and Jordan. Our company’s policy is to give best quality of rice at most competitive prices.

 Riceoutlook:Passage of time brings a lot of changes, what change do you see in the rice industry from the time of your ancestors till now?

Mr Gupta: Since 2000, industry have seen revolutionary changes in terms of modernization in machinery & plant. Majority of rice millers have upgraded their milling plants installing by imported machinery & by adopting energy saving majors in their boiling & par boiling units which help them reducing their cost of production as well as increasing their milling & packing capacity which help them becoming more competitive in international market.

Riceoutlook: Now we would like to share your thoughts on Industry as a whole.


Mr Gupta:As a industry we need to improve our packing units as well as we need to change our marketing strategy internationally from just a supplier to the brand owners.

Riceoutlook: Taxation policy on food grain sector in India is always a major concern for the rice millers and the traders as well. What are your views on the Taxation Policy in the India?

Mr Gupta:  Taxation policies is always major concern & major cost in rice industry As Rice industry majority depend on export, so in order to become competitive internationally, we need to reduce the taxes like 4 % Mandi tax, service tax on transport for export consignment  & excise duty on packing material. Countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Pakistan put 0 % tax for their exporters.

Riceoutlook: Are you hopeful in any positive change in the Rice Industry with the new government in India.

Mr Gupta: We are positive with the new govt in India; we are hopeful that new govt will understand problems of rice industry & would restructure as well as reduce the taxation from the industry. We are also hopeful that govt will understand that rice industry is a seasonal industry, So its highly capital intensive for which millers have to take their credit from the bank at very high rate which is almost 11 % as compare to Vietnam & Thailand where rate of interest less than 4 %.In order to make rice industry competitive & profitable, govt. of India with the help of RBI need to reduce the rate of interest. Govt. of India & RBI has taken few steps by reducing the repo rate ½ % recently. We hopeful that banks would transfer the benefits directly to the rice exporters.

Riceoutlook:These days many rice millers are getting in Branding of their product. Do you think this will help the Rice Industry to work in the systematic manner?

Indian Queen Basmati Rice

Mr Gupta:Branding of goods is very good idea & this would certainly will increase their market share & profitability this eventually would lead to the higher growth & more risk bearing capacity.

Riceoutlook: What can be done to increase the Brand Visibility in the International and the Domestic Market?

Mr Gupta: Quality is a first step for establishing a brand anywhere in the world. We need to participate in more & more food fares to bring the brand awareness & we need to make people aware about the brand through electronic & print media.

Riceoutlook: What can be done for exploring new markets for the Indian Rice Industry?

Mr Gupta: To explore new market we need to participate in more food fares & we need the awareness about the brand and product  in the local embassy of the countries. So that we can understand the requirements of the new country & can fulfill it.

Riceoutlook: Any Message for the upcoming rice millers and traders?

Mr Gupta: My message for the rice millers & traders is to maintain the good quality & strict to their commitments.

Riceoutlook: Do you think R & D is important in Rice Milling Industry as well?

Mr Gupta:  R & D is very important for every industry, & rice milling industry is no exception, continually we need to improve our quality & production while reducing our cost of production by finding and adopting the new means & technology.

Riceoutlook: Your comments on 1509 as a crop and its acceptability in International Market.

Mr Gupta:  1509 has been highly successful & highly accepted In the International Market . cooking result are excellent as a commercial point of view. This crop takes almost 30 days less time to get mature from other varieties of basmati. And consume almost 20 % less water than other variety. Yield of 1509 in the farms is also 15 % more than 1121 Basmati. So this crop can prove as boon for the farmers.

Riceoutlook: Now a Quick for your company

Riceoutlook Mr. Gupta
Brand in India and Abroad Indian Queen
Marketing Strategy (If Interested to share Good quality at highly competitive prices.
Current Markets Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UK, Canada, Dubai, Oman, Quarter, South Africa, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Singapore and Jordan, philistine
Expansion Plans We are planning  to enter European market
Varieties Traded 1121 Sella, 1121 Steam, 1121 Golden, Basmati Sella, Pusa Sella, Pusa Golden, Pusa Steam, Sharbati Sela, Sharbati Steam, Sharbati Golden, PR 11 Sella , PR 11 Steam, PR 47 Sella
Turnover over the past few years in USD  17 millions(2009-10),25 millions (2010-11), 50 millions (2011-12),65 millions (2012-13), 90 millions (2013-14)
Production Capacity (Tones / Hour) 9 M/ T per hour & Packing 24 M/T per hour
Plant Satake Japan