Ministry Of Trade,Baghdad : The Ministry of Trade of Iraq is a conglomeration of state-owned enterprises and operates a nearly $6bn annual budget that provides a monthly public food distribution programme for Iraqis. It also manages the import of grain, seeds and construction materials. While Iraq is potentially a rich country with huge oil deposits, decades of wars and sanctions have led to the collapse of infrastructure and social services, – which has resulted in many people being left without sufficient food or nutrition. A 2008 survey estimated that 930,000 Iraqis were food insecure, with a further 6.4 million vulnerable to food security without the Public Distribution System (PDS). The official stated purpose of the Iraqi Ministry of Trade is to facilitate and promote trade and commerce in Iraq. It aims to encourage private sector development by removing regulations blocking trade and investment, eliminating import licensing rules, and embarking on wide-ranging projects to promote a new trading environment in Iraq: an anti-corruption drive, a consumer welfare and protection unit, a “Baghdad International Fair” site and the leasing of Iraqi shopping centers to private developers. The Iraqi Ministry of Trade has number of associated State Companies: Iraqi Fairs, Food Stuff Trading, Constructions Stuff Trading, Grains Production, Grains Trading, Central Markets and Vehicles and Machines Trading. In addition, there are also a number of ‘directorates’ for Private Sector Development, Planning and Purveying, Administrative and Financial Affairs, Economic and Foreign Affairs and the Registration of Companies Department. Supply of 15000 tons basmati RICE.


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