Brand is the most impressive way for any product. In order to avoide the anonymity of Vietnamese rice, Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has submitted a plan to the Government that seeks to develop a Vietnamese rice brand name by 2020.

Vietnam is one of the top world rice exporters. In the proposal submitted by Ministry it is said that the Vietnamese rice lacks brand name that are known in the global rice market.

Mekong Delta, one of the major rice producer and exporter in Vietnam has contributed around 90% ot Vietnam’s rice export. Last year, it exported 3.2 million tons of rice of premium quality accounting 52% of total rice export and 44% above previous year rice export.

Vietnamese Rice has a good demand from countries like EU, North America, Asia, and Africa.

But the ministry said that Vietnamese rice faces challenges when it enters to the quality conscious global rice market. Besides good international distribution channels, the Vietnamese rice lacks quality measures and hygiene.

The Ministry in its proposal said that they will start a program at three levels to create a national brand name for Vietnamese rice. The levels will be nation, region/locality and enterprises/products. The programme will be implemented nationwide but will focus more on Mekong Delta.

The authorities responsible for the execution of the programme will ensure that the quality seeds are used, the cultivation strictly follows quality norms and the processing conforms to quality and hygiene standards. Popular global sustainable development standards will inform every stage of the production.

Regional brand names will be developed for the regional products.

The project notes that a strategy to develop a national brand name for rice should focus on two issues: identifying quality-conscious markets like the US, EU and Japan to export high-quality varieties and retaining traditional markets with medium-quality rice.

We can boost the value of medium quality rice by installment of direct distribution channels and marketing.