bielBloomberg sources says that Mauritania has achieved 86% self sufficiency in Rice Production in 2014.

Agriculture Minister of Africa says that the North- West African nations were only 36% self sufficient in 2009 but the constant efforts by the African government to increase the area under rice production from 18000 hectares to 51000 hectares has able to increase the rice production in the country.

In the year 2013-14, Mauritania produced 202,000 tons of rice.

The agriculture Minister has estimated 90% self sufficient in Rice Production in 2014-15 after raising the area under rice production to 51000 hectares. He also called local business man to invest in the rice sector.

Mauritania is net Importer of rice with only 50% production of rice in their own country. USDA estimates the North west African nations to produce around 215,000 tons of rice, basis paddy(around 129,000 tons, basis milled),and import around 110,000 tons of rice, basis milled in MY 2014-15 (October-September)