Marketing and production plans of Rice in thailandAccording to the information available, it has been reported  that the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is preparing rice marketing and production plans to meet demands for 2016/2017. Under this plan, the rice marketing and production have a focus on producing of rice to meet the market demands. Further, in this matter, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has also made an Agri-Map for dynamic management of farmland. The Agri-Map for each province was made in accordance with the current and future situations concerning production, supplies and demands of farm goods accordingly.

Further, with regard to Agri-Map, it has been stated that it can be demonstrated that whether the use of farmland of each province will beShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. appropriate in respect to the types of soil, water volume and types of plants to make adjustments. Moreover, to keep the producing factors also in balance, so that the farmers’ problems will be correctly solved to their expectation.