Malaysian’s state procurement body Bernas. has bought 200,000 tonnes of  Thai rice via private deal.

The Thai rice being exported was from the fresh season crop and was harvested during July-August period and was kept in the private warehouses. It was not from the government warehouses.


Thailand is one of the largest rice producer of the world.It grows the rice throughout the year.Its third-smallest crop, is grown mostly in well irrigated areas in the central Thailand and produces around 2-3 million tonnes per year.


Bernas is also planning to buy another 200,000 tonnes of thai rice through government-to-government     deal as many other importers are also followed the same method.

Malaysia is a traditional buyer of rice .But the Malaysian import has declined for the last few years as the Rice Pledging Scheme was practiced in Thailand which make the prices of Thai rice to touch sky.

This Scheme has turned the Malaysia’s to another top world’s largest rice producers like Vietnam.