subsidi-beraasAccording to the press release, it has been indicated by the Chief Minister’s office (CMO) of the Maharashtra that under the National Food Security Scheme, 7.17 crore people in the state were being provided with 1.68 lakh metric tonnes of rice every month. The Chief Minister has assured the people of the state that there is an adequate stock of rice and there was no need for panicking as the price of the rice would remain under control.

Further, the Chief Minister’s office (CMO) has narrated in this regard that in addition to these beneficiaries there are 68 lakh people from 14 districts which have witnessed farmers’ suicides in the state and such families are being provided with rice at the rate of Rs 3 per kilogram. The CMO has maintained that in all 7.85 crore citizens in the state are provided with rice at the rate of Rs 3 per kilogram through 52,000 fairshanti rice price shops in the state. In addition, it was informed that apart from the stock, there has been a good amount of rice which has also been purchased and thus assured that rice prices would remain under control.