heavy rains in rice fieldAs per sources, it has been revealed that the paddy rice yields in the Mekong River Delta (MRD) region of Vietnam are likely to be low by about 10-20% due to heavy rains which has hit the region in last week. Further, it has been informed by the officials of the Agriculture Ministry that around 3,000 hectares of paddy fields in Dong Thap Province and around 10,000 hectares in An Giang province have been badly affected and are flattened under the water. Most of the crop has reached to the harvesting stage and the farmers are worried due to sudden heavy losses.  However, the farmers are being helped by the Ministry to remove the flooded water using pump sets so that they can start harvesting once the weather improves. In addition, it has also been planned to lift the sluice gates in some areas to speed up the releasing of water from the fields.

Under these circumstances, some farmers are forced to sell the harvested paddy at a loss as they do not have driers to dry their paddy. It has also been noted that most of the flattened paddy had lost its quality also leading to a price drop. Furthermore, the water level in some rice-zoning areas is very high, and farmers are worried that if the flooding lasts for a long time, then they will lose everything. The rice zoning area No.1 has been seen the highest damage.

In this matter, it has been quoted that Vietnam’s rice exports are already facing stiff competition from India and Thailand as well the shanti agro adneighboring Myanmar and Cambodia. In addition, the export prices have also been declining since the beginning of this year due to increase in supplies and low demand.