The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated the North Korea’s paddy production to be declined by 9% from last year.

Last year North Korea’s paddy production was 2.9 million tons and this year FAO has estimated the production to be at 2.62 million tons down by 9% due to decline in planting and expected lower yields.

Unavailability of sufficient supply of  water for irrigation and a dry spell during July-August which is the rice harvest season is the cause for lower rice yield.

FAO estimates total cereal import volume including rice for 2014-15 at around 407,000 tons up by 20% from around 340,000 tons in 2013-14.However it expects N.Korea to import around 300,000 tons for this Marketing Year (MY 2014-15) leaving an uncovered deficit of 107,000 tons.

North Korea’s 2014-15 paddy rice production is estimated at around 2.615 million tons and it imports at around 60,000 tons