basmati rice prices hikeAccording to the local sources, it has been revealed by the Agriculture Department of Kerala state that as much as 100 hectares will be brought under upland rice farming in Ernakulam district in the coming season and that a technical team will be formed to support paddy cultivation. Further, the department has also stated that the members of the team would visit all cultivated areas and make suggestions from time to time under the plan. Besides technical support, the government will offer farmers a subsidy of Rs.10, 000 per hectare for seed procurement. It has been observed that weeds being a major problem in upland rice farming, the technical suggestions and practices recommended by Agriculture University will be popularized. In addition, the department will also seek the assistance of local self-government bodies, besides utilizing the National Rural Employment Generation scheme for the proposed upland rice farming campaign.

Furthermore, during this project, soil test will be conducted, while fertilizers will be used under the direct supervision of officials from the department. It was informed that the Paddy cultivated through upland farming will be procured by designated government agencies. Moreover, the rice farming campaign will encourage the use of rice varieties like Swarna Prabha, Mattatriveni, Varsha, Harsha, Aishwarya, Vaishak, Prathyasa, Uma, Sharada, and Jyothi, as narrated by the department .In this regards, further, it has been highlighted that the concerted effort to encourage upland farming Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. expected to put an end to the practice of leaving cultivable land fallow or using paddy fields for other purposes.