Over 1000 farmers in Matungu have shunned sugarcane growing and has switched to rice production as the sugarcane yield does not satisfy the farmers domestic needs and profit said The Matungu Rural Poverty Alleviation members.

Marpa chairman Fredrick Omolo, called on Kakamega, Busia and Bungoma farmers to switch to rice, potatoes, cassava and millet.Omolo said that Marpa is holding a fund of Sh5 million, funded by the Western Kenya Community-Driven Development and Flood Mitigation Programme.

 Out of total fund, Kakamega county has given us Sh1.8 million to install electricity to run the rice factory,” Omolo said, adding that irrigation would also get county funding.

Koyonzo Rice Farmers chairman Chrispinus Asabwe said rice was becoming the region’s cash crop because it matures faster and pays higher than sugarcane so it tempted the farmers of the region.

 He said Agriculture ministry officials were advising them on new farming technologies. “We are happy that with the modern system, our rice will stand prolonged droughts and storms,” Asabwe said.