Revenue Minister and District in-charge V. Srinivas Prasad said here on Thursday has decided to give kerosene and rice to above poverty line (APL) cardholders in district.

Rice is decided to be given at Rs 5 per kg. Mr Prasad who chaired the meeting said that soon a notice will be circulate to all Deputy Commissioners and Deputy Directors of Food and Civil Supplies Department in this regard.

Government has observed that people above poverty line has been suffering from power connection problem and hence for lamping their houses they are using the kerosene so the government has decided to give kerosene to APL family equal to that of BPL family.

Revenue Minister asked the concerned authorities to aware the people of the necessary documents required and to distribute the cards to the deserved people so that they could get benefits of the government scheme.


When Mr. Prasad was questioned on the vacant post in the Food and Civil Supplies Department, he said that they will try to fill those soon.

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