A new basmati rice variety named Jhumka Basmati is developed by a farmer in India’s north eastern state Uttar Pardesh by using organic farming which he inherited from his ancestors from Pakistan.

A new developed rice variety can withstand heavy rains and winds. It is having stronger roots and stems as it is prepared by using organic seeds and green manure, said the farmer to the local sources. The seeds are resistant and also have good nutritional values as they are prepared using organic fertilizers.

Speaking on chemical fertilizers he said that the chemical fertilizers remain on the upper layer of soil and does not allow the roots to penetrate deep into the soil which cause the roots to weaken.

The maturing time period would be 110 days and the yield is about 14 quintals per acre.

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Indian Veterinary Research Institute has applied for the patent of “Jhumka  Basmati Rice”. The seeds of the variety would soon be distribute to the regional farmers once the task of patent would complete.