After a long time,Japanese government has resumed rice export grown in Fukushima Prefecture. Local sources has also informed that about 300Kg of rice of Koshihikari brand grown in Fukushima has exported to Singapore and is expected to sold from this friday to local markets.

The Japanese government has banned the export of rice from Fukushima due to the presence of radioactive agents founded in the rice grown in the field followed by the flood and tsunami in these region in early 2011.


Before resuming the export the government has made sure to decontaminate the nuclear content present in rice by using Zeolite, the substance which absorb the radioactive substances and  also suitable for human consumption.

Fukushima region grows around 450,000 tons accounts for 6% of total rice produced in the country.The country produces total 7.6 million tons of rice. Fukushima exported around 100 tons of rice  in first three month of 2011 to Hong Kong and other countries before the crops were affected by the  tsunami and earthquakes.

According to the data of USDA for the MY 2013-14, Japan will produce 7.83 million tons ,import around 700,000 tons of rice and export around 200,000 tons of rice.