Rice prices to go up in city, fear expertsAs per sources, it has been reported that eleven new varieties of rice have been included in Italy’s National Register of Varieties of Agricultural Species, according to government decree of 28 December 2015, published in official gazette no. 22 of 28 January 2016. The list of new varieties include two Long B varieties and 9 Long A ones. The long B varieties are also called Ariosto which have been developed by the Italian company SIS, while other varieties namely CL111 have been developed by the Louisiana State University.

Further, it has been revealed that the Long A varieties are: Allegro and Casanova, by the Italian company Lugano Leonardo srl; Cammeo by agronomist Eugenio Gentinetta; Carnaval and Ribaldo, by the company Bertone Sementi spa; CL31 by Ente Nazionale Risi, the National agencyShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. for rice; Reperso by Giovanni Villa; Dante by SIS; and RG201, by the milling company Riso Gallo spa.