On the tribute gathering to eight ideal farmers in Caspian Sea city on Saturday, Deputy Agriculture Jihad Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Khalil Khodaie said that there is a total pause on rice import by Iran from the beginning of current Iranian year which has started from March 21, 2014.

For the past two years, provinces like Mazandaran which is a rice producer itself used to import several food commodities but the import has now totally stopped.

Khodaie stressed that this will certainly affect the farmers all around the world but now a single kilogram of rice cannot be imported.

Iran to increase import duty on basmati rice which is known for its aroma from 22 % to 40% in the FY 2014 which has affected the Indian export. The reason for increasing the import duty from 22% to 40% was the first step to support the local rice production in the country, he stated.

Stressing his view, he said that the Iranian government policy is to provide high living standard, good income, and better opportunities to its farmers.


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