Iran has banned the import of two food commodities namely rice and sugar up to the end of harvest season of two crops.

Prior to this Iran has slow down its rice import. Iran Import of rice down by 39.34% in first two months of CY 2014-15- In CY 2013-14,Iran imported rice around  323,888 tons which becomes 196,600 tons of rice in the same period in current Iranian calendar year (March 21-May 21).This corresponds to about 39.34% decrease in rice import.
An Agriculture Jihad Ministry deputy Abbas Keshavarz told IRNA on Saturday that last year the country has imported both the grains in an quantity more than sufficient for domestic needs so to bring the market regulation, the country has decided to stop the rice import of rice and sugar.

Iran’s annual rice consumption is around at 3 million ton of which it itself produces 2 million tons and remaining 1 million tons it imports.
For the last 1.5 year, the country has imported over 2.5 million tons of rice which sent the domestically produced rice to store in the warehouses and hence caused stagnation in the rice market,So to overcome this stagnation, the government took the decision not to import rice.
The government is purchasing the domestically produced rice which has stabilize the market.
The rice cultivation season starts from the month of Mordad (July/August) and continues up to the end of month Dey (December/January) and an import tariff of 40% is observed during this period by the Iranian government