The National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH) of Cuba made an investment in water based technologies which are used to measure water in watersheds and improve Cuban rice production in the country.

Luis Alonso, a specialist in the Department of Business Group Utilization of Water Resources said that these investment will make a best use of  efficient ,resourceful and quality equipment use.

Alonso said that the country has quality appratus to measure groundwater and surface water level, and total stations, which uses renewable energy sources to maintain its soul in extreme conditions such as draught.

Such means high precision possible regulation of fluid volume for use in all times, such as in rice irrigation.

According to Alonso,with the help of these kind of  projects we can also accurately determine the sites where higher quality of water intended for consumption by the population is needed and hence can take preventive measures. Among other advantages of technologies acquired recently is that of providing information to local governments, entities and bodies in order to decrease the damages caused by the floods of the rivers to the population and the economy.