The inspection in Thailand’s Warehouses reveals worrying results as only one out of five rice stocks founded to be of standard rice quality.

Only 235 rice samples out of 1339 samples tested from 7-31 july passed the testa and were of standard rice quality according to a document file  from PMO on friday.

Rest were founded either of substandard rice quality or mixed with inferior quality rice or were not contained permissible level of arsenic or had some color problem.

ML Panadda Diskul taking press conference
ML Panadda Diskul taking press conference

ML Panadda Diskul, permanent secretary at the PM’s Office, who heads the subcommittee inspecting government stocks, said yesterday that the inspection has detected the unfavorable results  and as the inspection is expected to end till end of september the final report will be submitted to the National Rice Policy Committee who will announce the results publicaly to media.

On questioning that whether he is concerned about the quality of rice being exported,he answered that he always ensure that only good quality of rice is being exported to the overseas.

He also said that Thai rice is famous for its quality and is known for long time and no Thai trader will want to destroy this fame of thai rice.

On another question by a reporter about the victims founded under the investigation what would he do??

To this he said his committee is only responsible for checking the quantity and quality of rice in government stocks.This is under another team

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