Dear Audience, We know have with us Dr. Claus M. Braunbeck ,Sales and Projecting Manager, Asia, Frigor Tec. We welcome and thanks him for giving precious time of his busy schedule to us.

Lets have some points of discussion with Mr Claus at his contribution to Frigor Tec and rice industry.

frigor tecRiceoutlook: First of all please share with us the past and present activities of your company. Also please discuss about your role in the company?

Dr Claus: Frigor Tec is producing cooling systems for special application in industry and agriculture. The continuation of the history of GRANIFRIGORTM and CRANEFRIGORTM which started more than 50 years ago includes progressive development for up to date solutions with appropriate and best technology. The sales activity is worldwide by our sales managers as well as by our distributors and partners. Frigor Tec provides installation, commissioning and service to our partners and customers. Frigor Tec is attending exhibition as well as conferences to provide the expertise in our field to customers, companies and experts. Our support for the industry is our inspiration for the coming cooling solutions in the market.I am an agricultural engineer of Hohenheim University and specialized in rice with my PH.D. on rice husk combustion and drying of paddy. In 2011 I joined Frigor Tec as sales and projecting manager for Asia where I did work already since 1993. I am regular in Asia supporting ourpartners in the region and cooperate with suppliers in postharvest technology as well as in storage systems but also in industries like steel mills and metallurgy, mining and port systems.Furthermore I support our marketing and sales team in the agricultural field and work as an author for magazines. Lately Frigor Tec did provide valuable information about paddy and rice cooling for the book Rice Processing published at the Erling, Celnze, Germany.

Riceoutlook: Please clarify us between Frigor Tec and GRANIFRIGOR. Which company does what?

Dr Claus: There is only one company named Frigor Tec while GRANIFRIGORTM as well as CRANEFRIGORTM are brands of our grain cooler and air conditioner for cranes, cabins and cabinets. The brands are already in the market as long as the technologies had been supplied and are used as synonyms for grain cooling and crane cooling in several countries.

Riceoutlook: Briefly share with our audience about all the products manufactured by your company and there usage.

Dr Claus: Frigor Tec has 6 product fields called AGRIFRIGORTM, CRANEFRIGORTM, GRANIFRIGORTM,SCHELTERFIRGORTM, STANDARDFRIGORTM, and DEBUGGERTM. The first five are all related to cooling while the last is a heat treatment for sanitation in the milling industry. CRANEFRIGORTM and GRANIFRIGORTM are the main product fields for the crane and grain industry.AGRIFRIGORTM specialized cooling in treating grass and herbs for high quality by low temperature drying which best preserves the nutrition and high valuable ingredients of hey and dry herbs. SCHELTERFIRGORTM targets on cooling for military projects and STANDARDFRIGORTM for production and processing procedures in the industry.

Riceoutlook: Can we now discuss something about the customer base globally? Who are your major customers and you are currently targeting which kind of companies?

Dr Claus: Our customer base is as different as our portfolio and thereby Frigor Tec has a wide expertise in the field of cooling and the application. This is easy to handle for us because of our engineering and the professional handling of the specific projects. Major customers are food processing companies likes flour, oil and feed mills as well as granaries. Furthermore all major silo manufacturer or key turn solution provider of processing centers of grain and oil seeds. Furthermore breweries, malt companies and seed producers use GRANIFRIGORTM for their success in their field. The customers of CRANEFRIGORTM are crane and cabin manufacturer which operate worldwide in their field but also the metallurgy and mining industry as well as ports are our customer base.

Riceoutlook: Now we will directly come to our business. Grain Milling. Please bifurcate for us the products which are manufactured by your company and are used in grain milling?

Dr Claus: The products which are related to grain milling are GRANIFRIGORTM grain cooler as well as DEBUGGERTM heat sanitation. The grain cooler take care that the grain remains healthy over the storage period or that processing silos do not require a frequent sanitation over the use by preventing weevils and fungus growth. Thereby the grain cooling contributes to cost reduction and eases the management of the grain in the mill. Use of chemicals, dryers and handling equipment is minimized or becomes obsolete when GRANIFRIGORTM grain cooling is applied. Processing efficiency is increased and product quality is consistence and improved. The effect of grain cooling is comprehensive for the production and absolutely economical. The DEBUGGERTM replaces fumigation and chemical treatments in the mill. It reduces the cost and increases the sanitation efficiency by the effect of heat penetration in all areas and equipments inside a mill. Resistance of insects against chemical treatment finds an end in the use of the DEBUGGERTM application.

Riceoutlook: Dr. Braunbeck please tell us some of the features of grain cooling devices and also share with our audience that how your product is better than that of the competition?

Dr Claus: The GRANIFRIGORTM grain cooler is the best developed grain cooler in the market. The experience of more than 50 years and by the application in more than 80 countries at various agricultural commodities is put in the design, technology and operation. No other grain cooler is like that worldwide. But let me explain how that benefits to the users and our customers. As a cooling specialist Frigor Tec knows how to optimize the cooling cycle according to the environmental friendly refrigerant by using additional heat exchangers instead of costly and maintenance intensive technologies like compressors and valves. Thereby we achieve up to 6 % higher efficiency at the same power consumption. Additionally Frigor Tec adds useful features of design and options which ease the handling, maintenance and control of the cooling operation like integrated broom holder, remote temperature monitoring, alarm systems and web based control and diagnosis systems. But the most important fact is that Frigor Tec self is in the market present and supporting our partners and customers at their sites by the sales and projecting managers. No other company cooperates with the customers of grain coolers like Frigor Tec and that is  what counts most. Unfortunately I meet many millers using grain coolers without knowing what they do or how to improve as good as grain coolers do because of the missing cooperation to the supplier or the manufacturer. Lucky if they come to Frigor Tec and get supported for better. Many times they look for GRANIFRIGORTM afterwards for the new projects because a reliable and experience partner is better than any failed investment by missing the support of the expert.

Riceoutlook: For a company dealing with manufacturing of machines, an important issue related to environment comes before. So how Frigor Tec deals with such issues?

Dr Claus: Thank you very much for that question! It is more and more important to understand that manufacturing without taking care of the environment will lead to problematic situation. As German company we apply always to the latest regulatory of environmental protection. In the early 90’s we changed from the dangerous and harmful refrigerant R22 to environmental friendly cooling agents. This is our obligation up to today and allows us to support markets where rules and laws have a special focus on green technologies. Of course this is only possible when one looks at the development of the technologies but requires also an expertise in cooling technologies. Aside of this German law is strict and recycle systems as well as waste management do apply in the most environmental friendly way.

Riceoutlook: We’re constantly making things better, faster, smarter or less expensive. We leverage technology or improve processes. In other words, we strive to do more–with less. Can you please explain this; also tell our audience about a recent project or problem that you made with this psychology

Dr Claus: Particular this is done always when grain cooling is applied. Those project focus to do more with less and that is my work in making prospects understanding what GRANIFRIGORTM means. In all projects it turns out that grain cooling makes the product better, the processing faster with less management at the storage and even less expensive than fumigation, aeration and drying can do together. Unfortunately many believe the opposite but our customer proof it every day and none of them wants to miss the GRANIFRIGORTM anymore.

.Riceoutlook: Finally I would like to ask about the new markets or products or technology which your company is focusing upon.

Frigor Tec as sales and projecting manager for Asia
Dr. Claus M. Braunbeck

Dr Claus: Frigor Tec continuously develops improvements of released products. It is a upgrading to new requirements of the market as well as updating the technology according to the technical improvements of our supplier. However every year we release new products as well. Mainly they are in the range of cooling but this year we started in the new field of heat sanitation with the DEBUGGERTM brand. It serves the customers in the grain industry which benefit of GRANIFRIGORTM already and allows to use our expertise in a similar way.

At end , We would wound up the discussion with Dr. Claus M. Braunbeck who is Sales Manager for Asian region for Frigor Tec. Dr Claus is an agricultural engineer of Hohenheim University and specialized in rice with PH.D. on rice husk combustion and drying of paddy. In 2011, he  joined Frigor Tec as sales and projecting manager for Asia where he did work already since 1993.