The Italian government has asked the European Commission to safeguard their local farmers by requesting the European commission  to cut duty on rice  from  EBA countries.The Italian government has aked the goverment for duty free import under Every thing but arm agreement.

Problems regarding Domestic and European Rice growing sector in the Italy were also discussed with European Commision.

Recently a five star party Giuseppe L’Abbate of the Cinquestelle proposed a resolution  passed by Agriculture commission that commits the government to support the safeguard clause request presented to the EU .Other topics like traceabilty on labels,ways to control and prevent the ENR which is the National agency for rice from incorrect trade practice, ways to improve ENR activity to promote growth and competitiveness of Italian rice Industry.

This proposal comes after the Italian Farmer Union demonstrated Italy throughout last week.

The Italian Parliament Member Mirko Busto ,from Vercelli  said that export to the EU countries has decreased by 14% .Besides removal of ban on use of chemicals for rice production in Italy, the continental partner prefer to buy cheap Asian rice.