PM Office’s permanent secretary ML Panadda Diskul posted on his facebook page commenting on the rice pledging scheme.While on the government inspection of Rice storage facilities in the country, the rice stored under the Rice pedging scheme was either funded roten, misplaced or replaced by the rice of inferior quantity.

He said that  either many rice sacks were  missing or if some sacks were presented there they do not match with  the code number as founded in the documents which clearly indicated the the rice from the stores has been replaced by some another rice surely of inferior quality.

Some of the rice founded there was also not treated with the insect repellant before storage

Questioning on the system management, Panadda said that how could be the system so careless that the rice storage have some rice into powdered form or some rice sacks were disorderely placed to make the inspection difficult.

Further inspection by a combined force of police and military officers at two district Bang Mun Nak and Muang districts of phichit found rice problems.They decided to bring machinery to the site to make more correct inspection.

At Muang District,they founded 152,105 rice sacks weighing a total of 15.18 tons to be inspected for rice quality

At Amnat Charoen,some rice was founded rotten after being damaged by rain that fell through leaking roofs.

These inspections were ordered by  National Council for Peace and Order