Indonesian Vice-President has emphasized on the prominence of attaining self-sufficiency in rice production and discontinues importing rice.

Agriculture Ministry officials noticed that the country has huge land zone and does not have the need to import rice. He ordered all the agricultural experts in the Ministry to trip rice fields methodically so that they can emphasis on the difficulties confronted by the rice sector.

The 15 ­hectare agricultural land under the Agricultural Ministry could be used in an operational way to attain the self-sufficiency goal. In order to achieve self-sufficiency in rice production, the government should safeguard good irrigation system, supply of good quality seeds and accessibility of fertilizers.

Indonesia’s new President also supported the policy of attaining self-sufficiency in elementary food items such as rice, corn and sugar over the next four years.

The government is projecting to initiate an agrarian incentive package to increase rice production in the country. The government is aiming an increase of about 4% in the paddy rice production in 2015 to around 73.4 million tons from an estimated 70.61 million tons in 2014.

Indonesia introduced around 425,000 tons of rice so far this year. USDA estimates Indonesia to yield around 36.3 million tons of rice, basis milled and import around 1.4 million tons of rice in MY 2013­ 14, more than twice an likely 650,000 tons imported in 2013.


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