Under an agreement signed with Indonesia, as export promotion of the crop, Myanmar is scheduling to export 500, 000 tons of rice to Indonesia in next 3 years last year. Previously, China and Africa stood as the main consumers of Myanmar’s rice.

In the last financial year 2013-14 which completed in March, Myanmar-Indonesia trade in which Myanmar primarily exported agrarian and sea products to Indonesia assessed at 60.04 million touched 498.86 million U.S. dollars.

Myanmar also stratifies to import cement from Indonesia. Rendering to statistics, Myanmar made 300 million U.S. dollars over export of rice from April to November, increase by 64.8 percent.

In 12 projects as of November 2014, numbers illustrate Indonesian undertaking in Myanmar amounted to 241.497 million U.S. dollars, since the country opened its door, accounting for 0.48 % of the entire foreign contribution and rating 14th in Myanmar’s foreign investment line-up.

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