The USDA Post has predicts Indonesia to import around 1.225 million tons of rice in January 2014 ­ December 2014, up about 88% from a projected 650,000 tons in January 2012­ December 13.

Nevertheless, the Post has dropped its approximations for Indonesia’s imports from the legitimate evaluations nearby 12.5% due to an likely decrease in superior rice imports by the private sector following the introduction of new rice import policies.

In Indonesia, Bulog is the only the state Logistics Agency permitted to import medium ­quality rice while private sector is approved to import specialty rice (basmati, Thai Hom Mali, and japonica) including 100% broken rice, glutinous rice, and rice for diabetic purposes.

The private sector normally imports about 200,000 ­ 250,000 tons of specialty rice. The government squeezed import actions to prevent misuses and trafficking of rice.

The government wants Bulog to clutch at least 2 million tons of rice stocks by the end of this year. But due to expected weakening in production and subsequently procurement, it approved Bulog to import 500,000 tons of rice, plus 300,000 tons of medium quality 25% broken rice and 200,000 tons of premium quality 5% broken rice.

Bulog till now imported 425,000 tons of rice this year. Bulog aims to procure 3.2 million tons of rice from local farmers