The Indonesia government will not further ship the rice from foreign market despites of high local prices, an official said.

Indonesian Trade Minister Rahmat Gobel said there are sufficient stockpiles available in the country to be sold and to control the rising domestic prices.

He also added that they will not ship rice from foreign and also they are expecting a good harvest season ahead which will increase the supplies ahead.

“We will not import the rice and a good harvest ahead is expected to increase the country’s stockpiles”, Mr. Rahmat said at trade Ministry.

The prices of rice, staple food for most of the country has raised by 30%.

Mr Rahmat said that a policy has been adopted by the government to protect the local farmers.

Hasil Sembiring, director general of food at the agriculture ministry said that at March-April Indonesia would have bumper rice with total output of 13.2 million at 4.5 million hectares of paddy fields.

Indonesia’s rice production was estimated to grow by 0.35 percent to 34 million tons in 2014 from a year earlier, based on the first government forecast, according to the agriculture ministry.

Indonesia had been a rice market for Thailand, Vietnam and other countries.