biel2Scientist of the Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI), have developed a new protein rich rice variety by cross-breeding protein rich germplasm with local high yielding rice variety called Naveen.

The Director, CRRI told the sources that this variety has 3% more protein content compared to other normal varieties and its yield is about 5.5 tons per hectare.

 The new variety is beneficial for the farmers as it’s a high yielding and is tolerant to certain diseases.

 Director CRRI, said that the scientist are planning to increase its yield and tolerance power by cross breeding it with other high yielding varieties. He also added that it is suitable to grow in eastern states in India.

Director CRRI said that generally farmers do not agree on accepting any new variety for growing in their farms but this variety would not face any such problem as it’s a crossbreed of high yielding local variety naveen so it would not be as naveen is very popular among eatern farmers.

 Although the institute will run a awareness campaign for farmers to adopt this new protein rice rice variety with protein content 10.5%.

 The new variety is yet to get a name and is cleared by Variety Identification committee under Ministry of Agriculture. The Institute is planning to release the variety in coming two months.

The next projects for the CRRI would be to work on development of varieties which are resistant to flood and saline. So far, the institute has developed 115 rice varieties, according to Director

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