Rice Production in the Odisha has reached at 8.4 million tones of rice for this Kharif season as the sate has received good rainfall.According to the data from agriculture department; the yield estimation is calculated at 2,400 kg per hectare (ha)

Surendranath Pasupalak, head of agricultural meteorology at the Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) said that the state is going to receive good rainfall except for few blocks like Sora, Tangi and Choudwar.The state is going to produce around  8.6 million tonne if there is no flood condition.

The output of other cereal crop is at 0.794 mnt with an productivity of about 419.620 kg per ha. It includes 0.647 mt of maize and 0.13 mt of ragi with the productivity of 2,550 kg and 950 kg per ha respectively.

Similarly, the production of pulses during kharif 2013-14 is estimated to be 0.57 mt including 0.18mt of arhar, 0.16 mt of biri and 0.15 mt mung.

This year’s food grain production target included 9.194 mt of cereals and 0.57 mt of pulses.

Pulses, oilseeds, fibers, vegetables and spices were sown on 0.68 mha, 0.30 mha, 0.15 mha, 0.64 mha and 0.105 mha respectively.

 It includes production of 0.619 mt of maize, 0.145 mt of ragi, 0.128 mt of arhar, 0.0109 mt of mung, 0.121 mt of biri, 0.224 mt of oil seeds and 0.541 mt of fibres in 2012-13.