Indian Queen Basmati Rice by Bhara Industrial Enterprises LimitedIndia continues to be Ukraine’s traditional rice supplier, though with noticeably reduced shipments this year. India has exported less rice to Ukraine from July to November period of 2016-17, with only 5500 MT of Indian rice being exported to Ukraine as against the 7900 MT in July-November 2015-16. Heavy production of rice in Ukraine’s neighbouring country, Kazakhstan has prompted more imports from that country on the account of softening prices and logistic advantage. Therefore some increase in rice purchases has been reported from Kazakhstan that has exported 78 percent more rice to Ukraine, for the entire last season.

Overall too rice imports to Ukraine continued to be on the shrinking graph this season in 2016-17. Ukraine imported 14000 MT of rice from July till November this year that is 35 percent less quantity imported in the same time last year. Rice imports from Pakistan also plummeted to 2400 MT that is down two-thirds from last year. Prospects of an increased Indian rice exports to Ukraine remains low, on the account of rice crop increase in Kazakhstan that might prompt Ukraine to increase rice deliveries from that country.