Rice procurement by government agencies is worse by 5 per cent at 9.91 million tonnes in the current 2014-15 marketing year so far from last year’s 10.42 million tonnes in the same period.

State-run Food Corporation of India (FCI) and state agencies commence procurement of rice and wheat to safeguard that farmers get a minimum support price (MSP).

Annual procurement target for this year is 30 million tonnes. Rice marketing year runs from October to September

A senior FCI official stated media, “Rice procurement as on November 16 of this year is slightly lower than the last year’s period. The 2-3 lakh tonnes of difference in procurement so far will be covered later.

“He added, Extensive grain purchase is on in Punjab and Haryana, while the procurement in Telangana is in full swing from today. The grain buying in other states like Andhra Pradesh and  West Bengal will begin after two weeks.
In Punjab, rice procurement was 7.6 million tonnes so far this year, as beside 7.9 million tonnes in the year-ago, while in Haryana, it stretched 1.96 million tonnes as alongside 2.38 million tonnes in the assessment period.

In Telangana, as much as 2,12,000 tonnes of rice was procured till on  this year. Last year, kharif rice procurement was 26.65 million tonnes alongside the target of 32.06 million tonnes.