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Indian government has finalize a time constraints for the states to supply custom milled rice (CMR) to the central pool in order to avoid any delay in the delivery of committed rice supplies to the central pool.

According to recent directives by Food Minister to single crop growing states, i.e states that grow only kharif crop, they have to supply CMR to the Food Corporation of India godowns by June 30 in any particular crop year and for double crop states i.e.  States that grow both kharif and Rabi crop the time limit is by September 30.

If any states fails to meet the new norms then their stocks received after the cutoff date would be deleted by FCI and they are required to find other means to dispose off the rice as the CMR held by states are generally after meeting the state’s own public distribution requirement.

All states except Chattisgarh and Odisha are double crop growing state, so only Chattisgarh and Odisha have to submit CMR to FCI by June 30.

There are delays in getting CMR from millers as the millers sell the rice produced from the paddy given by state‘s government owned agencies to open market. Food Minister was also quoted as saying that fixing time frame will resolve all such kind of issues along with the ensurance of actual stock in the FCI godowns.

However Chief Ministers of some states are not comfortable with this norm.

CMR scheme says that government will purchase paddy from farmers and give them to millers for its milling along with tolling charges.

As on beginning of fiscal year 2015-16, Indian government have around 23.62 million tons in FCI godowns lower by 22% from around 30.25 million tons during last fiscal year’s beginning, says data from Food Corporation of India.