Indian traders are leading and they have set a record of 4 million tones on the higher demand for the middle east and total sales has been up to 10 million for a third straight year. India wants to become a number one exporter by leaving Thailand behind but India will get no one position in rice exports. Rice exports here flew 15 percent to 2.88 million tonnes between April and December, Vijay Setia, former president of All India Rice Exporters Association, told Reuters. The leading exporter setia announced that India’s basmati is in huge demand even the thought the Basmati can be gained from Iran and Afghanistan too. India Basmati is famous for its aromatic taste and is grown at the foothills of Himalayas. Rice in demand in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia would help India push 2013-14 exports of the premium grade of the all India rice exporters association. Iran would remain steady at 1.1 to 1.2 million tons in 2013-14; already there is lot of stockpile here. Director of all India exports Rajen Sundareshan, is expecting rise in demand in the countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and which will push India in year 2013-14. Basmati rice exports have boomed by 15 percent this marketing year. . Average rate was $100 per ton previous year. India income is inclining and exports overall were 10.1 million tonnes, which also include 3.5 million tons of basmati rice. The globe no 2 exports are at 104.40 million tonnes in the crop year to June 2013, can feed 1.2 billion people. Summer rice crop had already been thought to be at about 92 million tonnes in the present year.