The prices of aromatic rice are still moving up by 50-100 a quintal and the non-basmati varieties remain unchanged on average buying. A private company proprietor commented that the domestic demand for aromatic and non-basmati rice is currently in good shape and may continue for next few days also.

 The market is looking positive and good buying is predicted over next few weeks. In the rice market, Pusa -1121 (steam) rose by Rs.100 to Rs. 8,200 a quintal, while Pusa- 1121 (sela) also increased by Rs. 50 and now quoted at Rs. 7,150 a quintal. Current rate of pure basmati is at Rs. 9.000 a quintal and duplicate basmati (steam) traded at Rs. 7,100 a quintal.

 For the brokens of Pusa-1121, Dubar upgraded by Rs 100 and quoted at Rs 4,100, Tibar rose by Rs 50 and sold at Rs 4,950 while Mongra was at Rs 3,100 a quintal and now up Rs 100.

 Even with the uptrend in the basmati category, there has been no change in the non-basmati varities, Sharbati (steam) quoted at Rs. 5400, while Sharbati (sela) was at Rs. 5,050 a quintal. PR-11 (sela) sold at Rs 3,400-3,450 while PR-11 (Raw) quoted at Rs 3,100-3,150 a quintal. Permal (raw) sold at Rs 2,500 a quintal while Permal (sela) went for Rs 2,400 a quintal. PR14 (steam) sold at Rs 3,200 a quintal.

 As per the trade experts, PR14 (steam) may witness an uptrend in coming weeks and may increase by Rs 200 a quintal.